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The pain of the world can reside inside one individual and when it does the whole world feels it.

It’s difficult to describe the horror of watching a loved one go insane. Psychosis is a parabolic infusion of all the pain of this world put into one person’s mind and body.

The day my sister had her initial onset of mental illness, she was in a state of full-on paranoid psychosis. As the accounting from my father and a smattering of other people present that day goes, she was painting a circle around her car in a city park and…

And that is the most exciting news you’ll hear all year.

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We’re living in wildly interesting times.

Never before has humanity been forced to wrestle with so many global existential crises before they sip their morning coffee.

It’s a lot.

But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.

I believe humanity is being invited, through one giant cosmic inhale, into a chance to create something new here on our tiny blue planet.

It truly is exciting, if only you are capable of heeding the invitation and taking a step into the future.

Step into my studio, let’s create…

A Disharmonious Biosphere

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Since March 15th, 2020, I have wanted to share my thoughts and questions concerning Covid-19 and the subsequent vaccines but out of so much uncertainty, I held back for over a year.

Today, my father has motivated me to get brave and to step into a space of bringing not my truth, not “the” truth, but simply my questions and thoughts.

I hope you have space enough for critical questions as well. If so, I invite you to read on.

And why everyone should learn to let it go.

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Envy is a thing so pervasive in our culture that one could argue that it is the character upon which the USA was built.

Remember that “American Dream” of keeping up with the Jones’s?

Let’s be honest, no one was trying to “keep up” with their integrity. That would have evolved much better for our country, to be sure. In the classic American Dream, everyone chases after everyone else’s material wealth.

We were birthed out of a state of envy.

2.5 kids, lamp posts, picket fences.


This was the ultimate…

This article will change your life, if you actually apply it.

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First things first, I, by no means, am the greatest writer on Medium (yet), but this article is not about my writing; it’s about utilizing this entire platform for all that it has to offer to your life.

It’s about giving yourself an upgrade.

Our entire culture is desperate for an upgrade. Social media can be, in no small part, held responsible for our collective downgrade.

Anyone remember the 2016 election and Russian bots? …

My 5am wakeup sessions are my daily compass.

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As previously mentioned, I’m a flailing college graduate and a broke Millennial but through this coming-of-age process (aka “life”), I have managed to craft a few highly successful rituals, which I am quite fond of. My most prized among them is my morning routine.

For years, I dreamed about one day having the opportunity of playing out the ritual of waking up at 5am and creating, rather than reacting to, my day. It’s trendy to read about morning routines and, admittedly, I’m a sucker for a good article to help me refine…

Reflections from a broke millennial.

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I’m already insecure about how clichéd this article sounds and I haven’t even completed the outline for the piece. Insecurity is one of the drawbacks of being a broke (and broken) millennial. Graduating college at the start of the Great Recession leaves an indelible mark on a person and creates a great rift between one’s self and any distilled sense of confidence.

However, during small moments of clarity, such as the one I held for about twenty-five minutes on my drive home today, I catch glimpses of some truths which extend beyond the misery of…

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This weird Covid Thanksgiving can give us enough time to really become full of gratitude, if we let it.

No matter what you’re doing today, there’s no denying that this is a weird thanksgiving, but it’s 2020 and slowly, perhaps tragically, hopefully not permanently, weird is becoming a new normal. Most of the people I know are self isolating due to the steep rise in Covid infections and I’ve decided to join the ranks of the more cautious and do the same. As much as I would love to join my family whom I haven’t seen in years and hug…

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Increasing your potential starts with getting agency over your life

Let’s get started by setting the record straight on one thing: the word “addiction,” in the context of placing your attention on positive things that will change your life, is not at all the right word. However, I’m not really sure there is a better one that can accurately describe the feeling you get when you start implementing the changes I am about to describe in this article. …

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Pause from growing long enough and all you’ll get is in an early grave.

Admittedly, I’m a little out of my realm here. I’m not an addiction expert, I’m just a human who has overcome some pretty tricky addictions. Nonetheless, I’d like to take a stab at communicating some things that have started taking shape in my life over the last few months regarding addiction that I think might help you, as they have helped me a great deal.

Let’s shake some stuff loose.

I grew up in a household where the concept of addiction was not at all foreign…

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